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Money-Saving Hacks For Frequent Online Shoppers

Shoppers definitely love browsing online for stuff that they want to purchase. Most online stores offer everything a buyer could ever need – from personal items to gift purchases. With the advancement of technology, it would be very to resist making a purchase in every visit. If this becomes a habit, it can put you into a dire financial distress.

But you don’t have to hide your credit cards and subsists to online window shopping. By following these online shopping hacks that can save you some dollars:

  1. Do not be embarrassed to ask for a discount


When buying online, you have every right to ask for a discount, especially if you bought a number of items. Some people are quite embarrassed to ask for discount, thinking that it inappropriate. But the truth is, online sellers are quite happy to oblige in exchange for a favor – either they need you to promote their good on your social media account or invite others to visit their site. Take advantage of these opportunities to get considerable discounts.


  1. Know the usual time promos are announced


Some online store have a designated time and day of the week when they announced discounts and promos. Be sure that you are in the know in this kind of announcements. It would be best if you can subscribe to the stores’ newsletters and enable your email and social media notifications. These promos can help you save more. But do not buy more than you intended to. Be sure to keep yourself in check when buying discounted items. Make sure that it is something that you really need.


  1. Take advantage of filters


Online stores are designed to keep buyers to purchase more, so they present more options and give buying suggestions. Avoid falling to this trap by using site filters and search options. Search options can help you find items that you intend to buy and prevent you from checking out items that you don’t really need. You might also want to use the cart and wish list feature so you can bookmark things that you want to buy and not ready for purchase yet.


  1. Go for free shipping sites


Shipping fees are usually add on top of the suggested price. You might be expecting that all online shopping store offer free shipping to all its buyers. But it would be best to double check this option or feature. Some online stores offer both free shipping and express delivery. If you are not in a hurry, try to go for the free shipping option so you can save a little and eliminate the additional charges.