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Reasons why custom cakes are so popular

We all loved the creamy sugary flavored chocolate, strawberry and butter scotch cakes but the times have changed and these simple cakes were a past obsession. Who wants simple cakes when they can get customized cakes in Dubai? We all have wondered what would be reasons that made these custom cakes so popular, let’s take a look:

  • Memories that tag along

If you have noticed the customized cakes are not only pretty looking but they are also representing something. For children it is their favourite cartoon character which they are obsessing over but won’t remember in the next 5 years or so until the picture of cake pops up, for adults it must be their graduation or dream car cake which reflects their dreams and passions, while for a couple their anniversary cake may depict their wedding. So many reasons that can sum up in an artistic cake so why won’t one choose them over the simple boring ones?

  • Cakes posses attributes of a person

It is true that personality of a person is reflected through their daily life choices. The same goes for cakes. A person selects the cake which looks the most pleasant to them, such as a person who shies away from people or is an introvert would aim for a simpler delicate design with nothing too fancy whereas an extravert would love to reflect their personality through these cakes by choosing the ones which catches the eye, has vibrant colour frosting and a detailed depiction of their life through the customized cakes. This is the reason that already cooked cakes are not always the best option for people when they can get the one which they love by pre-ordering.

  • Themed parties

Imagine throwing a beautiful fairytale themed birthday party and buying a simple chocolate cake. It doesn’t match with the decoration, theme or even the colour scheme of the party – a brown cake midst of white fairies and blue balloons. Why would you choose such an odd cake for a beautiful birthday where everything coordinates? This is the main reason how designer and customized cakes became popular, they were themed and would fit perfectly in any party to enhance the beauty of it. From themed birthday cakes to graduation and even anniversaries, they have outdone themselves.

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