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Interior design choices that can ruin the look of a place

We have all been there when hanging a pink curtain on a grey wall sounded as one of the most pleasing emergency options to avoid sunlight in the early mornings and then we never got around to bringing them down just out of pure laziness. Such things not only ruin the look of the place but it also makes it less likeable to the person living in without them even noticing the odd piece in the space.

This is why we have a few tips for you to avoid when construction management in Dubai is done with your dream house design:

  • Toilet Rug

Trust me when we say that you don’t want a pee soaked toilet rug no matter how posh and luxurious it looks. You will always be doubting that rug if it’s clean from the impurities or not and end up throwing it away despite the rug being completely clean because you will soon realize that easy to clean and scrub tiles are a hundred times better than a rug that needs to be soaked and dried every day.

  • Carpeted walls

Many of you would remember this look from the 90s and think that it was a cool one, well it wasn’t. It really isn’t a clever idea to use something which is meant for floors to be put up as wall decor. It doesn’t only ruin the wall and its paint but after some time the carpet starts catching all sorts of dust giving space to dust mites and allergies.

  • Bean bags

Everyone needs to agree on this one thing that bean bags are not something that interior design consultants in Dubai would consider as a proper piece of furniture. They are nice and quirky but they can’t be incorporated in a living room with aesthetic couches and a proper TV shelf. They belong to the gaming room and a teenager’s thus let them stay that way.

  • Plastic couch cover

We know you love your couches and even the slightest thought of children ruining it scares you but don’t you get irritated with the texture of plastic and the uncomfortable seating that it invites? They aren’t that useful and certainly not something to admire.