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How to modulate your voice for radio show?

Have you ever found words impactful enough to change your thought process or your whole life? Have you ever found words so live-full to give you hope again? Have you ever found words so energizing that they make you to get out of your bed and focus on your work?

If yes, then it is not the magic of words. It is the magic of voice and its modulation. 

Voice modulation is to talk by changing your tone and voice nodes according to the words and sentences to make the talk effective and points worthy to listen for the second person and listeners who are present at that moment.

Voice modulation is that magical technique that can make a simple sentence so engaging too. However, only a few has skill to change their tone to talk rhythmically. Yet it can be learnt. All you need is to be passionate to talk like RJs and artists who are tasked to voice over for documentary all day long. There are many techniques to become an engaging speaker. Some of such techniques are:

  1. Speak clear: Try to speak in such a way that each and every word can be listened clearly. There are many people who speak too fast or in such a way that it seems that words are chewed by them or few words are mixed because of their speaking skills. So speak loud and clear. Practice this by reading a page of a book daily. Reading a loud and shouting has difference. Loud means to speak in such a way that everyone can listen at a time and shouting means to raise your pitch.
  2. Give pauses: Instead of speaking in a one go, give pauses. Yet don’t give long pauses. Give small pauses to keep the people glued. It will give stress on words and thus make them effective.
  3. Different tones: Instead of speaking in monotonous speech, raise and lower your voice according to affectivity of the words. It will make your every point so important to be listened and noted. And what every anchor wants? That his or her sentences would be found important to listen.
  4. Drink warm water: Try to drink Luke warm water and herbal drink to make your voice box healthy and fine.

So, these are few techniques to modulate your voice. But one thing is important and it is to be confident. Trust yourself and let the world know that who you are. 

Search on Google to find more about voice modulation.