In the beginning..

It was the year 2008, I was in Westchester as a practicing surgeon specializing in General and Vascular surgery. By July the cost of malpractice was so high I decided to retire from the surgical practice.  But what to do with all that time available,  I was searching for something viable that will keep me busy.  Then oneway a friend of mine suggested to consider opening a wine store since I was interested in wine all my life.

A light bulb went on in my brain, yes that is it. I should open a wine store. But how? I don’t have any experience in it and I certainly do not know how todesigv the store.

Luckily, my daughter came to my rescue. She suggested Williamsburg and gave me ideas to design the store.

Then came application process, locate the store and build it to suit your need.  Then it all came together.  By the end of 2009 I was ready to start. It was Christmas time and we were not fully ready but I was. So we just opened the store with as much inventory we can get.

So what would a father name his wine store?  Naturally his daughter’s.

So NINI’S WINE CELLAR came into being in Williamsburg on a fine winter day just before Christmas in the year 2009.

The fun started…

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